The Origins of the Beauty Advent Calendar...

Long gone are the days of counting down Christmas with stale chocolates from a flimsy cardboard image... today Advent Calendars are huge business and can be enjoyed by everyone.

Now I'm not going to give you a whole history lesson however, apparently since the early 19th century German Protestants have been marking walls or doors with a line to celebrate the days of the Advent.  This practice in turn led to hand made wooden calendars and hanging wall calendars.  Then in the 1920's Gerhard Lang added small doors to the hanging wall calendars... and he is viewed as being the innovator of today's modern day Advent Calendar!

Chocolate filled calendars then first appeared in the 1950's and were largely popularised by Eisenhower when imagery appeared of the president opening a chocolate advent calendar with his grandchildren.

The rest of course is history... as now Advent Calendars are a global phenomenon, with people counting down the days until Christmas with toy advent calendars, gin, tea and even perfume!  They've become a festive staple for everyone to enjoy!

It's been suggested that Liberty in London created the first Beauty Advent Calendar in 2012 and now many major deapartment stores and beauty brands worldwide encase their products in calendars and pitch each festive season.

The beauty of The Beauty Advent Calendar is not only amazing value for money... but it gives consumers the opportunity to discover old, new and iconic beauty brands.

Finally the beauty of our very own calendar is that it is all Australian, cruelty free, and encapsulates the essence of Summer in Australia and of course you are all supporting our home grown beauty brand talent!

Enjoy xx