The Art of Double Cleansing...

What is Double Cleansing?

Is quite simply using 2 different cleansers to cleanse the skin thoroughly.  Double cleansing should be carried out morning and nighttime.  Use your initial cleanser to remove make up and daily pollutants.  Whilst the 2nd cleanser will remove any further traces of dirt and grime.

The Origins of Double Cleansing

Apparently double cleansing has originated from the Korean 10 step skincare routine and also from the Japanese geisha... to remove their thick white face makeup.

Guess what?  All you lovely consumers of The Beauty Advent Calendar 25 Day are in for a treat this year!  Why?  Because we have not 1... but 2 fabulous cleansers featuring:

Onne Beauty Clarifying Cleanser


Terra Tonics Elemental Cleanser

Both will achieve flawless skin!  

Enjoy xx